From history to reality


The history of the beeswax candle in the Church, can be traced to the very beginning of Christianity. Already in the first century, beeswax from the honey bee was used for producing candles for the churches, and quite soon beeswax became the only allowed material for church candles,

in the West as well as in the East, as it in fact are to this very day.

Today genuine beeswax candles are more unusual, since beeswax normally is more expensive than other modern materials, such as for example stearin, but it is still almost only beeswax candles that are used in the Orthodox Church for the services and for devotion.

Burning candles and oil lamps should be the source of lightning, not the artificial one that comes from electricity.

The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, recognizing this age-old tradition, 1882 firmly stipulated that all candles for use in the Church should be made of the purest and most natural wax, that is the wax from the honey bee. Already in the Old Testament, we find the regulations that everything burning during the services in the temple, should be of pure and natural substances.

In the tradition of the Orthodox Church, burning beeswax candles symbolize obedience and readiness for repentence, and the clear flame of the candle purification in the divine fire, by which our sins are cleansed as in fire.

The pure substance of the wax itself, has been seen as the pureness of our souls and sincerity of our oblations The softness and moldability of the beeswax, symbolizes our conversion and readiness to mold our will according to the will of God.

Since beeswax is collected from different, fragrant flowers, we are thereby reminded of the sweet grace of the Holy Spirit, but also how pleasant the sacrifices of righteous souls are before God.

The combination of fire and light is a symbol of the union and the strength of mutual love and peace among the Christians.

The candle represents the Light of Christ, the flame of faith.

The pure candle produced by virgin bees represents the human nature of Christ which came from the Holy Virgin Mary.

The chandelier represents the triumphant Church in Heaven.

The candles or the oil lamps of the chandelier represent the saints.

There are many profound symbols behind the candle. Saint Symeon of Thessalonica says that the candle we light represents six things.

It represents the purity of our soul because it is made of pure beeswax.

It also represents the plasticity and softness of our soul and the unifying force of the Holy Spirit because the candles are made – at least, that is how it should be – of the pure beeswax, which the bee makes by collecting the pollen from various flowers.

It represent the manyfold graces of the Holy Spirit, since the wax are collected from many fragrant flowers.

In addition, it represents the deification, to which we must aim, because the candle is mixed with fire.

It represents the light of Christ because, as it burns, it illuminates the darkness.

Finally, it represents the love and peace which are attributes that every Christian should have because the candle burns and comforts everyone with its light in the darkness.

When lighting a candle, we must remember that we must live in the light we received with our baptism.

The candle, as it burns, illuminates its surroundings. Thus the conscious Christians, when they sacrifice themselves for the love of God, enlighten their fellow human beings and shows them the way of salvation.

When the believers enter the church, they should light a candle for the living and a candle for the deceased relatives and acquaintances. But if some of the living have particular problems, then they should light a candle for each one.

The lighting of the candle should always be accompanied by words of prayer.

For the living, we will ask for God’s mercy and protection, while for the deceased, we will ask for God’s compassion and eternal salvation.

The candles we light at the baptism represent the spiritual light received by the newly baptized person.

The candles at the funeral and the memorial service and those placed on the tomb represent the light of Christ, which we wish for our loved ones.


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